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About us

Economic-Substance.com has been initiated by Frank Schut. Recognising the growing importance of the topic of economic substance, he has specialised in this topic at a very early stage. Since its launch the international cross-border network of economic-substance.com is growing gradually.


Frank has extensive experience in advising companies and individuals with respect to complicated tax issues. He worked eight years (2002-2010) as a tax advisor at one of the big four companies in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has also been a lecturer at the department of fiscal economics of the University of Amsterdam.

From 2010 Frank was active for three years as a senior wealth planner at a first-tier private bank in Zürich, Switzerland. Nowadays Frank is a partner of Schut & Partners Tax Advisors GmbH of which he is also the founder. Schut & Partners Tax Advisors is located in Zurich, Switzerland. It is specialised in providing tax and legal advice to companies and high net worth individuals.


  • Fiscal law, University of Groningen, 2002
  • Member of the Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), 2010

Contact details

Frank Schut
C/o Schut & Partners Tax Advisors GmbH
Seefeldstrasse 60
8008 Zurich

phone: +41 78 607 34 14
fax: + 41 44 251 16 45

Commercial register

Registered company name: Schut & Partners Tax Advisors GmbH
Commercial Registry: Zurich, Switzerland
Commercial register number: CH-

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